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Power Plant

Power & boiler

Power and boilers is a vast and complex field demanding a broad spectrum of technical and management capabilities. With Bifrost technical consulting, you will benefit from our wide network of highly qualified and experienced partners and suppliers, whom we can draw on to achieve the optimum outcome for your project. Bifrost's track record includes feasibility studies for complete power facilities (small to mid-range) and process plants, right through to delivery, installation and commissioning. 

project assistant

Bifrost technical consulting has the capability to take on turnkey projects, but we also offer discreet services, either directly or as part of a larger team. Consultancy contracts like this can involve project management, feasibility studies, HAZOP/HAZID studies, specification, procurement, risk assessment, technical and operational assessment, operation and maintenance manuals, and other project-specific tasks. 

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Energy consumption that relies on fossil fuel raises serious environmental issues. Fortunately, viable and cost-effective sustainable solutions are now available. Bifrost can assist in the design and upgrade of existing plants to recover waste energy, reducing energy consumption and emission of pollutants. Furthermore, we provide expertise in the use of renewable and alternative energy sources in various processes.

automation & instrumentation

Automation, instrumentation and process components are vital aspects of any process plant. We offer complete design, construction, installation and commissioning of process automation and instrumentation. The service includes specification and procurement (for valves, special instrumentation, fuel-handling equipment, burners, etc.), control and function descriptions, right through to logic and electrical diagrams.

automation & instrumentation

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on-site assistance 

We are experienced at working on site, covering all bases from commissioning, supervision, general inspection and impartial audits related to accident/insurance assessment or cause investigation.  


The correct training is a critical aspect of safety and operational excellence. Bifrost technical consulting offers a number of training programmes within our core competencies. Customers can opt for standard packages or customised programmes. Training may be in the classroom, on site, or via e-learning. 

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Unspecified projects (the lost opportunity)

In our key focus areas, marine, oil and gas, and onshore industries, day-to-day business is hectic, and “good ideas” often get lost along the way. Many of these ideas would have provided improved safety, cost reduction, new enhanced processes or simply competitive advantage. The reasons why these opportunities are missed are many, but some of the main reasons are time and resource constraints, a lack of in-house expertise or a supplier/manufacturer that is too specialised and not able to service outside their core business area.  Bifrost technical consulting has a vast range of expertise and is capable of taking on challenges across several areas such as technology, processes, management, etc. We analyse “good ideas” and supply our client with a feasibility study covering, e.g., design possibilities, cost analysis, rules and regulations, impact and other relevant information for the given project. The feasibility study gives our clients the opportunity to decide if the “good idea” is a go or a no go, or needs more study or a different approach. No project is too small or too big to be given the chance of an initial analysis before it is discarded.