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Bifrost technical consulting offers a broad range of services related to steam applications and associated processes. As well as steam applications, our expertise encompasses process technology, renewable energy, environmental technology and many other technologies used in our core focus areas - the marine, oil and gas, and onshore industries. Our service covers numerous disciplines, spanning design, project management, and construction. Our hands-on services include inspection, commissioning, supervision and training.


Our Services

Bifrost technical consulting works tirelessly to supply sustainable and financially viable solutions based on quality and the latest technologies. All services are carefully evaluated and conducted in line with the latest safety and technical methods. Our service is provided with a high level of flexibility, enabling us to match all of our customer’s needs.

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Our Projects

We have been engaged in various projects worldwide, from root cause analysis to the final commissioning of power plants (e.g., concentrated solar power (CSP) plant).

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More than 50% of ship accidents arise primarily from human error, often due to insufficient training and knowledge. Bifrost offers advanced vocational training to enhance knowledge levels within your workforce, reducing safety hazards and the risk of machinery failure.

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Based in Singapore, BiFrost carries out projects all around the world. Tapping into our many years of experience, we work tirelessly to build sustainable connections based on quality and customer satisfaction.

We take great pride in providing our clients with the highest level of expertise, tailored to meet their specific needs. We always aim to surpass your expectations and provide significant benefits for your business.

We’re always happy to help with your technical issues and to provide you with specialist advice.


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